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Surf Sports is the area of Surf Life Saving that provides members an opportunity to practice and refine lifesaving skills in a competitive environment. Members may compete in a range of disciplines at a range of levels from local to state and national competitions. Competition can range from events that focus on endurance and athletic skill such as board or ski paddling to events that focus on honor and tradition such as March Past or Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R). Some events such as IRB Racing and Patrol Competition are designed allow members to refine skills and test knowledge they would use in a rescue or patrol situation. 

The club offers training and coaching in many areas of Surf Sports. For more information, see training.

All members in the Nippers program who are eligible to compete may participate in the junior carnivals at a range of levels. Members from the U14 to Masters age groups are able to compete if they hold their minimum qualification (SRC or Bronze Medallion) and have completed their patrol hour requirements. 

For more information about junior carnivals and competition standards, along with junior training and coaching, see our Nippers information. 


See below for general information about each aspect of Surf Sports. 

Competition Images

Bundaberg SLSC has a number of accredited photographers that attend club carnivals. Their images are then free to access for parents and club members. Download them here:


Swimming ability is a prime factor of Surf Life Saving. Swimming events include 'simulated rescue' races done using tubes and belts along with surf and wade races that test physical ability in and around the surf environment. These events are done both as individual and team events, encouraging patrolling members to keep fit for lifesaving duties.